Corona-viruset har de senaste dagarna dominerat nyhetsflödet i våra länder.
Myndigheterna har kommit med många rekommendationer och restriktioner som i stort är
lika i Danmark, Finland, Norge och Sverige.

På basis av den information som vi i skrivande stund har verkar det sannolikt att viruset
kommer påtagligt att störa våra vardagsrutiner åtminstone de närmaste 3-6 månaderna.
När den första vågen av pandemin falnar kan vi inte säga med säkerhet.
Det är fullt möjligt att vi får dras med Corona-gisslet under en längre tid.
Av denna orsak och efter samråd med Storpresidiet inhiberar jag Storpriorat
Skandinaviens Riddarting och Ordenskapitel i Skara Varnhem 23 – 25 april.

Priorat Svensk-Finland inhiberar sitt Ordenskapitel i Helsingfors 16 maj.

Storpresidiet kommer att inom sinom tid ta fram nya tidpunkter för dessa

Under rådande omständigheter är det viktigt att Riddarna följer de direktiv som
myndigheterna gett. Pandemin har fått en dramatisk framtoning. Trots allt är det de enkla
och odramatiska åtgärderna som gäller. Vi skall undvika folksamlingar, vi skall tvätta våra
händer med tvål. Vi skall ta det lugnt. Och vi skall träffas på Storprioratets Ordenskapitel
så snart det är möjligt!

Jag tillönskar alla mina Riddare framtidstro, uthållighet och tålamod. Vi kommer att
återuppta den gemensamma verksamheten genast då det är möjligt.

Borgå den 16 mars 2020
Storpriorat Skandinavien
Christer Blomberg, StKThO
Grand Prior General

On FebruaryBild3 27, 2017, a meeting was held at Setermoen in Troms. The purpose of the meeting was to gather the Knights of Priorat Norway who lived in Northern Norway to see if there was a willingness to establish a commando in Northern Norway. The will was there and the execution was great!

After Great Priorat Scandinavia's annual knight's day in 2017, which was held in Lund in the south - Sweden, a foundation meeting was held.

The working group had submitted proposals for the name Kommanderi Hålogaland, the geographical area of ​​the Commandery extends over Sør-Hålogaland Diocese and the entire Nord-Hålogaland Diocese.

Welcome to Baillivat Hålogaland

Kurt Ringstrand smallBaillivat Hålogaland is a member of Priorat Norway, which is under the Scandinavian Great Priority. Which is part of O.S.M.T.H (Ordo Superemus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani). Baillivat Hålogaland's geographical area includes the dioceses of South and North Hålogaland (counties Nordland, Troms, Finnmark and Svalbard). 22 Knights are today affiliated with the Baillivatet.

Baillivatet is chaired by a Convention which holds regular board meetings and a Ridderting (annual meeting). Baillivat Hålogaland has its seat at Bardufoss in Målselv municipality in Troms.

Kurt Ringstrand, StOffThO
Commander, Bailivat Hålogaland

If you wish to contact the Grand Priory of Scandinavia or any of the national priors Athens you will find contact information in the right menu.

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DenStPeter July 5, 2017, an inaugural meeting was held with the intention of forming a Commandery in the South. A request was made to Priorat Sweden's Convention. On February 17, 2018, the working group held an interim convention in Lund. Where Knights transferred from Denmark was presented.

During the year 2018, information on t.f. The Commandery's planning work is sent to all the Knights concerned and that we have adopted the working name Kommanderi St. Peter is based in Lund and that we will have Klosterkyrkan as a gathering place.

On November 17, the Urtima Knights Day was held when the final decision on statute change and the possibility of introducing Commanderies and Ballivat in Priorat Sweden. In the afternoon, the Order of the Temple Lord's Priorate Sweden Order of the Order was instituted with the establishment of Commandery.

On December 8, the year ended with a Lagtima Riddarting in the Abbey church in solemn forms. Where the banner for the first time was not brought to a Korum, Thus Commandery Saint Peter is established.

Welcome to Kommanderi S.t Peter

GA webCommandery Saint Peter is under Priorat Sweden which in turn falls under the Grand Priority Scandinavia. Saint Peter operates in southern Sweden with the catchment area of ​​southern Halland, southern Småland, Blekinge and Skåne. Within the area there are about 40 Knights who do good and right!

Commandery Sankt Peter is led by a convention that conducts regular board meetings and the annual Lagtima Riddarting (annual meeting). Commandery St. Peter's seat is Lund with the Abbey church as the base for our Order. Saint Peter's Monastery Church has links to the Temple Knights when Abbot Sankt Bernhard of Clairvaux wrote the Knights Temple Lord's Regula (statutes) and had strong ties to the Order.

Göte Andersson, Grand Officer
Commander, Commander Saint Peter

Here you can download past issues of the magazine Knights Templar in pdf format. We wish our knight some enjoyable reading!

Magazine Knights Templar is published by Grand Priory of Scandinavia.
Publisher: Grand Chancellor Michael Frisell
Editor: Grand Herold Anders Johansson

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The Knights Templars humanitarian fund involved in the collection of funds and support for projects preferably directed towards children in great need.

Humanitarian Fund has its own constitution and its own board.

The Knights Templars humanitarian fund is to support the business through targeted social assistance, mainly in the Baltic States.

We do not contribute with the largest amounts, but all the money collected goes directly to those in need, by all administration and associated costs charged by our own internal renewal fees.

Gifts to the humanitarian fund are appreciated. All funds will go directly to relief purposes. All administration of relief work is done on a voluntary basis by the knights.

You can help others by the Knights Templar! Contributions to the Knights Templar's humanitarian fund to one of the following accounts:

Logo on line

Bank account Priory of Denmark
Plusgiro: 6463766-3
IBAN: SE5695000099604264637663

Bank account Priory of Swede-Finnish
Plusgiro: 6463766-3
IBAN: SE5695000099604264637663

Bank account Priory of Norway
DNB Bank ASA: 1203.84.59048
IBAN: NO7112038459048

Bank account Priory of Sweden
Plusgiro: 6463766-3
IBAN: SE5695000099604264637663

Alternatively account Priory of Denmark, Swede-Finland and Sweden
Nordea Bank: 9960-4264637663
IBAN: SE5695000099604264637663

Humanitarian Fund Management 2019 - 2020

humanitarian funds board

Bengt Wahlrros, K.O.T.J

Members of the board
Vice chairman Britt Brestrup, K.T.J
Håkan Helander, K.G.C.T.J
Bo Baasch Vannaskoski, K.G.O.T.J
Rasmus Lampe Falck, K.O.T.J
Mats Wigert, K.C.T.J
Andreas Fischer, K.T.J


Accountants Magnus Toren, K.G.O.T.J.
Accountants Bertil Dawidson, K.T.J.
Deputy Accountants Jonas Kindgren, K.T.J.

The Knight Management System is posted on the respective National Priority Knight pages.

Each national priority has its own password to enter the Knight Matrix and therefore you need to go to the menu "Priory". When you are inside Priory, you will find in the menu that appears on the right hand side a menu called "Knight's Page" under your priory. Click in there and scroll down the bottom and you will find the Knight Management System.

At the bottom of that page you will find which password to use and to enter KMS click on the button that looks like the example below.

KMS web

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