Knight Templars meeting in Pr. Sweden south 9 SEP 2017

The Knight Templars Priory of Sweden South conducted Knight meeting at Tomarps Kungsgård outside Kvidinge in Skåne. 9 Knights and relatives participated to get interesting information from the LtCol and Knight Marco Smedberg.

Marco told us about his theme tours where he raised visits to Israel in connection with our Order, as well as trips to the spread of Poland and the German Order.

Deltagare Marco inledning Marco
Marco2 Bertil Göte

Marco aroused the interest in arranging trips to both Israel and Poland for the Knight of the Order with relatives, and we will take this along with the continued planning for future activities.

The information was concluded with information from the Order of Göte Andersson, StOffThO and upcoming activities and the establishment of a Kommanderi.

The day was finished in the "mess" with a hot and good yellow sauce soup with accessories.

We thank Marco Smedberg, RThO for interesting information and Margreth Anderberg, who arranged the food for a nice arrangement.

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Jonas Stålhandske Palovaara, StOffThO

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