StorprioratSkandinavienwebDear Sisters and Brothers Knight Templars,

I hope You and your families are well.

Our Grand Master wrote us in his recent letter about the difficult and hard times we all now are experiencing. No country has been spared from the consequences of this pandemic. Many families have faced tragedies and suffered greatly.
This cruel “invisible enemy” has taken all us by surprise and reminded us about one fact. The fact that we humans are just one small and vulnerable part of mother nature.

Our daily life has dramatically changed since the middle of March. The normal services in our society is down to a minimum level. Most countries have for protection instructed their citizens to keep their distance to each other and ultimately to stay at home. We cannot see or meet all of our family members, our fellow Knights and our friends the way we are used to. I think this is the hardest part to accept. But as one
wise person recently said: “it is better to keep a six foot distance than to be six foot under”.
The good thing is that this will surely one day be over. We must just be patient and live this through day by day.

The Scandinavian Grand Priory has adjusted to the new circumstances. Most of our Priories had their “RIDDARTING” just before the restrictions set in. We decided in March to postpone our Investiture in Skara,Varnhem, in Sweden. Our Grand Master decided to cancel the International gathering scheduled for September in Sundvolden in Norway.
Soon we will start to analyze our possibilities to arrange common activities later in the fall. For now, life in our four Priories goes on. You might say, that all our written products, such as the newsletters of the Priories, our magazine Tempelherren and our home page at are at the forefront of the activities.
On the home page, published 11th and 12th of April you find among others, two inserts from our Grand Chaplain. He addresses us in Danish, but the solo flute, played by Katrine Corfix is a beautiful interpretation of the times of Easter. Please, go ahead and enjoy!

Our Order is over 900 years old. With this fact as a perspective the exceptional time period we now are facing are after all quite short! Remember that humanity has survived much worse pandemics like the plague in the Middle Ages as well as the Spanish flu just 100 years ago.

Sisters and Brothers! Keep up your faith and good mood! We will win this battle!

Non Nobis Domine Non Nobis Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam!

Christer Blomberg, Magnus Crux
Grand Prior General of Scandinavia

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