Dear knights,Peter Öberg

Let me begin by thanking you for the trust that, together with the Convention, will lead our Swedish Priory in the coming years. It is with a great measure of humility that I shoulder the mantle after my representatives. A special thanks to Johan who in an extraordinarily meritorious way led our priority in recent years. You have been an example as a knight and created order and meaning.


For those who do not know me personally, I would like to say a few words about myself. I have been an officer in the Armed Forces for over 35 years. My path started at the Lapland Regiment I22 in Kiruna and took a road through the Livregementet Husarer as battalion commander to continue south to the Military Academy in Halmstad where I was its manager for a couple of years. Of course, I have also served in Stockholm during periods both at the Headquarters, the Swedish National Defense College and the Ministry of Defense. Internationally, I have served in Lebanon, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Mali and currently I am Sweden's Military Adviser in New York. Private I have two almost adult children living in Stockholm.

Our order is well run, modern and international. The Convention has created order and laid the foundation for our business in a clear and good way. We attract new knights and are in many ways constantly up to date with our humanitarian work, our interesting lectures and discussions and our timeless view of chivalry. Particularly, based on the historical roots of our order, our international character and activity should also be mentioned through the personal international engagement of many knights, but also our Nordic community and our humanitarian efforts. Special thanks to knight Owe for his unremitting and sacrificial international work that boasts good for the future.

When I serve another barely half a year in New York, I particularly want to highlight the importance of Vice Grand Prior Richard. He has, and will, together with the Convention, get much of our everyday activities during my absence. I am very grateful for that and hope for your understanding that I cannot initially be as active and visible as I should be.

Best regards
Peter Öberg, Commander
Grand Prior Sweden

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