The Knights Templar, The Grand Priory of Scandinavia

The Knights Templar, Grand Priory of Scandinavia

Friday the 13th

ThO-kors 1307Friday the 13th means something for nearly everyone in our society. Many do not where it comes from - they just know that there is a general unlucky day . Some argue that it comes from that there were thirteen people around the table at the Last Supper, others that Eve gave Adam "fruit of knowledge" on a Friday and the murder of Abel also took place on a Friday.

All this may be true, but what is historically noted that the Knights of the Order Grand Master Jacques de Molay and many Templars in France were imprisoned at Friday, October 13, 1307. Thing that was special about October 13, 2007 (although this occurred on a Saturday) is that the detention occurred exactly 700 years ago.

Knights Templar in Sweden commemorated this, the Order, the important day with a memorial service on October 20, 2007 , at Gustavus Adolphus Church, Stockholm.

King Philip IV of France (" Philip the Fair ") and later by Pope Clement V auxiliary (- then residerande in Avignon ...!) Dissolved the Order. As sure as it is now established that it was "Friday the 13th" has also come to the realization that all charges against the Templars were fabricated. A document (Parchemin de Chinon) who in 2001 was found in the Vatican's own library has been studied (the record is on the Vatican website). Among others, two American and two British newspapers paid attention to the matter , but the document's significance has probably not yet really dawned on everyone. Also read Karl Axel Norberg (KThO) essay on the Chinon parchment.

The imprisonment, the dissolution of the Knights Templar and later executions of several leaders of the Knights Templar is now regarded as one of history's greatest miscarriage of justice. Everyone should also take into account that this was not some "criminal elements" without dedicated people who swore a sacred promise and gave their lives to defend Christendom ... The Pope's own soldiers. therefore you probably have to also consider this miscarriage of justice as one of the Papal chair's biggest mistake.

ThO Cross BlackKnight Templar cross has been the model for most of the Christians riddarordnarna. The absolute most riddarordnarna wears today a variant of the cross as the Knights Templar was subsequently developed and bar at the time of dissolution. The eight-pointed cross, has a deeper meaning than just an aesthetic - it symbolizes the eight knightly virtues where "Honor and Glory" is the first and most important virtues (interestingly, and with the backdrop of the tragedy that hit the Templars).