The Knights Templar, The Grand Priory of Scandinavia

The Knights Templar, Grand Priory of Scandinavia


Message of love the foundation of all chivalry!

Knights Templars main purpose is to conduct charity for needy people. For it has the Knights Templar Grand Priory of Scandinavia instituted two institutions, Humanitarian Fund and Pro Merito which are listed below and more extensive in the right menu.

We gratefully accepts contributions large and small, and all contributions we receive go directly to the Knights Templars Humanitarian Fund.

Knights Templars Humanitarian Fund

From 1993 to 2001, the former Orphanage Foundation to contribute to the rehabilitation of young children home Mustamäe Väikelastekodu in Tallinn to a standard that was close to the Swedish. In conjunction with the name change to the Knights Templars Humanitarian Fund was established new statutes, where the first paragraph reads:

"Knights Templars Humanitarian Fund has the task through targeted business support social assistance, mainly in the Baltic States."

The Grand Priory of Scandinavian continues to focus its support from the Humanitarian Fund to the immediate area by concentrating efforts into tangible and transparent projects, primarily in the Baltic countries to create better conditions for growing children. This allows a more personal commitment, and that it will be possible to monitor the efforts end up where they are most needed.

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Pro Merito

Moral courage, daring to stand up for what is right, to cope argue, to intervene when someone needs help or support. To intervene without considering his own good or his own safety - without personal gain. Historically, knights in the noble struggle defended and protected the good and helped the weak and vulnerable.

Today's Knight of the Knights Templar want to manage this positive legacy. Partly to recognize and reward individuals who performed deeds that you normally would not expect that to another human being must carry out and also encourage other individuals to similarly perform similar deeds, has the Knights Templar Grand Priory of Scandinavia instituted a reward medal - Pro Merito as symbolic signs Performed extraordinary good deed.

Pro Merito is the Knights Templar Grand Priory of Scandinavia reward medal.
It has been awarded since 1997.

Pro Meritos statutes article 1 that:

"The medal can be imparted to person through demonstrated courage and resourcefulness or otherwise made itself particularly well served by the Order and the public's attention and appreciation."

Proposals to worthy recipients come mainly from the Knights.

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