Revered Knights,

The Grand Officer and Colonel Per-Olof Westergren turned 80 on August 20 this year. Priorat Sweden expressed its warm congratulations and congratulations in a regular order through a courting lunch at the Military Society in Stockholm for Per-Olof and his wife Gunnel. In addition, a fundraiser for the Humanitarian Fund was held in Per-Olof's name before the courting. Per-Olof was dubbed Knights 2002, promoted to Commander 2006, Grand Officer 2011 and to Grand Cross Knight 2015. During the period 2004 to 2007, he was Secretary in Priorat Sweden and during the period 2006 to 2018 Chairman of the Humanitarian Fund.

The sentencing luncheon was held on October 1, where Per-Olof and Gunnel were guided by 10 knights. Priorat Sweden's Grand Prior Peter Öberg and the Humanitarian Fund's representative Håkan Helander presented their and Priorat Sweden's and the Humanitarian Fund's congratulations, best wishes and thanks. Per-Olof has been a very active and tireless working knight in the Lord's Temple for many years. His efforts have been of great importance for our words and our humanitarian activities. His approach has been carried out in a fantastic way with consideration and dedication that has developed the humanitarian operations in the Baltic region and positively developed the Convention's operations.

The Knights were invited in the usual order to deposit any amount into Per-Olof's optional amount in the Humanitarian Fund's account. Many knights obeyed this and almost SEK 5,000 was collected in Per-Olof's name. Håkan Helander presented a tribute telegram from the Humanitarian Fund, with all the contributing knights' names attached, to Per-Olof in connection with the lunch. Håkan also expressed warmest regards and congratulations from Bengt Wahlroos, current chairman of the Humanitarian Fund.

Priorat Sweden once again wishes to convey its warmest congratulations, congratulations and warm thanks to Per-Olof. You have meant a lot to us and our humanitarian operations. The fact that so many knights have joined up at the luncheon luncheon and that the fantastic collection in your name reflects the significance you have had and have for us knights, comrades and friends.​​

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Peter Öberg, K.G.O.T.J.
Grand Prior Sweden

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